Senior Civil Liberties Privacy Officer

US Government, Other Agencies and Independent Organizations

Office of Civil Liberties, Privacy and Transparency (CLPT) leads the IC in its efforts towards greater openness and accountability. CLPT leads the integration of civil liberties and privacy protections into the activities of the Intelligence Community (IC). CLPT is also responsible for institutionalizing the Principles of Transparency for the IC. CLPT also champions the Principles of Professional Ethics for the IC : Mission, Truth, Lawfulness, Integrity, Stewardship, Excellence and Diversity.


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Job Grade: 15
Total Openings: 1


Direct the execution of Civil Liberties and Privacy Office’s (CLPT) duties as they relate to the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) and across the Intelligence Community (IC). Oversee and assess the implementation of privacy and civil liberties protections in the application of information sharing policies, procedures, and standards. Lead the research, review, and recommendation of modifications, as necessary, to information sharing policies, procedures, and standards, to protect privacy and civil liberties. Establish plan, analyze, and evaluate findings, conclusions and policy recommendations. Direct reviews, analyses, advice, and recommendations on ODNI and IC technology activities, programs, policies, procedures, and standards of operations. Serve as subject matter expert on Executive Order (EO) 12333 as it relates to the protection of United States (U.S.) persons, and identify and recommend measures to address issues relating to U.S. person information in the intelligence cycle. Oversee the development and implementation of civil liberties and privacy compliance measures for the ODNI and the IC; work in coordination with the Office of General Counsel staff and other stakeholders (i.e. subject matter experts, Operators, and analysts) to identify, assess, and manage compliance risk areas related to civil liberties and privacy. Lead the identification and recommendation of measures to address IC-related civil liberties and privacy issues. Oversee a team in the development and implementation of Community-wide civil liberties and privacy compliance practices. Establish controls, provide oversight, and monitor initiatives to ensure the use of technologies at the ODNI sustains privacy protections in the use, collection, retention, administration, and disclosure of personal information. Advise the CLPT on civil liberties and privacy incidents, violations and vulnerabilities and the associated implications on counterintelligence. Lead the development and implementation of enterprise-wide civil liberties and privacy-related initiatives aligned with the CLPT strategic plan. Establish internal, external, and interagency networks; represent CLPT in meetings and conferences regarding civil liberties and privacy issues at ODNI and throughout the IC; participate in reviews and interactions with other organizations regarding civil liberties and privacy issues. Liaise with the appropriate officials and stakeholders to develop, implement, and promulgate civil liberties and privacy related policies. Lead a professional staff and assess performance, collaborate and oversee goal setting, and provide feedback on personal development.


Expert knowledge of laws, regulations, policies, procedures, EOs, implementation guidelines, rules, and agreements relating to federal privacy and civil liberties. Expert knowledge of the IC, Executive Order 12333, the United States Constitution. Expert knowledge of international, state, and local privacy and civil liberties issues, including the ability to analyze information and database technologies that may implicate privacy protections. Superior ability to develop and implement civil liberties and privacy compliance activities, programs, and fact-finding or investigative methods. Expert knowledge of research methodologies and legal practices to conduct research, form objective conclusions, analyze issues, evaluate then draft findings and assessments, and make recommendations based on facts and evidence. Expert interpersonal and organizational skills with proven ability to effectively manage the implementation of multiple projects and competing priorities. Superior oral and written communication skills, including the ability to produce clear, logical, and concise products that are targeted to and meets the needs of diverse audiences with different perspectives and objectives. Superior ability to exert influence with senior leadership and communicate effectively with people at all staff levels, both internal and external to the organization. Superior interpersonal skills and ability to work effectively, both independently and in a team or collaborative effort. Superior analytic and critical thinking skills, including the ability to conduct assessments, to identify issues and to develop process improvement recommendations. Superior skill in negotiating and consulting and superior judgment in applying principles to identify and solve problems. Desired Requirements Directly relevant experience with privacy, civil liberties, and transparency issues related to core IC authorities and sources of protections, such as EO 12333, FISA, First and Fourth Amendment jurisprudence, and classification and intelligence transparency policies and requirements. Ability to interpret laws, regulations and policies, analyze issues and draft findings, conduct assessments, and make structured recommendations. Strong knowledge and understanding of potential impact of information and database technologies on privacy and civil liberties. Ability to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing, with ODNI and IC personnel and leadership, mission partners, and other stakeholders. Ability to exercise discernment will providing advice regarding complicated policy and technical issues related to counterterrorism, counterintelligence, counter-proliferation and cybersecurity. Ability to work collaboratively as part of team in a high-pressure, fast-paced environment. Ability to effectively enhance public understanding of the ODNI and IC’s mission, rules, and oversight framework, through authorized transparency channels. Ability to train, mentor and supervise staff in subject matter areas.

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